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Thursday, 25 October 2012

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Salam and salam 1 malaysia, hye all .. this time we meet again .. for the reader to pages this time I will show you something that is, products that will I make to anyone who is interested .. that is PINBACK BUTTON.
pinback button is a type that can be carried wherever accesories only if placed in bags, clothes, cloth, etc. ..
pinback button I will show you in all shapes, colors, sizes and sketches.
examples of shapes, colors, sizes and sketches as well as the price for the book is as follows pinback button

RM6-small button, circle and rectangle shape, free colour and name skecthes
RM 8-medium button, circle shape, free colour and name skecthes
RM 12- small & medium button, circle and rectangle shape, free colour and face or other picture

The above pictures above is an example of color, form drawing for pinback button .. I hope you all are interested in :: art pinback button:: .. and I believe all of you would like to have one from the right .. so .. to reservations may be my inbox this link http://www.facebook.com/az.lydia. or u all can post comment in this blogg..ok friends ... do not forget to make a reservation .. bye!!!!


salam and salam 1 Malaysia...I am a novice in this blogg .. no more and no less expertise in following this blogg .. for the first time to write something in this blogg, I wish peace to all bloggers or anyone who view my  blogg .. anyone who often view my blogg don't forget to join my site ok!!!